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In a nutshell, we can describe Oldskull® as follows: We focus on unique graphics and motifs that are immortalized on high-quality products through contemporary printing methods. We want you to have fun and enjoy your new favorite pieces for more than just a short time and, if possible, tell others about us. The large selection of unusual print designs in colorful and also somewhat plainer styles is always praised by fans of our brand. As the name Oldskull® already suggests, the skull can be found on some of our numerous t-shirt and hoodie designs. Of course, we produce under the fairest conditions in two family-run factories in Thailand and Turkey, and we ship from Germany in the heart of Europe. We are very proud of the fact that all processes, from the individual motif design to the finished product sample, are done in-house.
In Europe, Oldskull® is, by the way, exclusively available through our online Shop . You can even find our hoodies, sweatshirts and caps exclusively at oldskulleurope.com.

Was ist dieses Oldskull und wie kommt ihr auf diesen einzigartigen Style?

Oldskull® is an ingenious brand with a unique style, which has its roots in the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok (Thailand). The name comes from an old skull (Old-Skull) and not from Old School, even if some print motifs suggest this reference and the style is described quite well. Since 2009 our designer is inspired by a mix of far eastern tradition and modern lifestyle, tropical weather and crazy nights in one of the most visited cities in the world, to create again and again catchy motifs with high recognition value for our t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more. As a fan of Oldskull Europe , you will always come across the number 1982. There are a few myths surrounding it but it is actually the year of the designer's birth. Simple as that.

And how is Oldskull coming to Europe now?

This is where we at Oldskull Europe come in. In our early 30s, Marko and Tobi, the founders of Oldskull Europe , often traveled to Thailand. Of course, various trips to the beautiful islands and beaches in the south of Thailand could not be missed, but the vibrant metropolis on the Chao Phraya has always captivated us. Once you have experienced Bangkok, you really only have two options: You love it or you hate it. What do you think our relationship with this bustling city looks like now? Inevitably, we ended up checking out trends and insider tips locally and stumbled across printed t-shirts from Oldskull® at JJ Market. We were hooked and immediately stocked up on them. True to the motto "Collect them all", more and more T-shirts somehow ended up in our bags and closets on the following trips. In 2015 we decided to bring this great brand to Europe. After what felt like an eternity due to research and initial contacts with the producers of Oldskull® in Thailand, we founded our company and since then bring you these unique vintage t-shirts to Europe at regular intervals.

It was and still is a huge adventure with many challenges. First of all, the contact and trust between Oldskull® in Thailand and Oldskull Europe had to be steadily intensified. As a next step it was inevitable to tackle the fabrics used and the cuts with regard to habits and standards in Europe. Especially these points took a lot of time, as some adjustments could not be realized overnight. Starting in 2020, we were unfortunately slowed down a bit due to the Covid 19 pandemic and other global crises. Our productions were unfortunately repeatedly subject to extreme delays, and the transport chains were also permanently disrupted. Nevertheless, we persevered to be able to offer you at least sporadic supplies against all odds. Together with our friends and partners from Oldskull Thailand, we continue to work on bringing our brand to a new level and to continue to bring you joy with our unique products.

Where and how is your stuff produced?

When we started out, we worked with a family business in Thailand that had previously produced exclusively for the Asian market. In the tropics, it was not immediately clear why polyester content and the previously used thinly woven cotton fabrics had to be completely changed to meet our requirements. Of course, legal aspects and regulations in Europe also had to be taken into account, which meant additional time for us. Now that everything was ready in terms of print T-shirts for Europe, it was time to expand the product range. We now have four seasons in our latitudes and are therefore also dependent on long-sleeved outerwear. That's why we at Oldskull Europe have been producing hoodies and sweatshirts exclusively in Turkey since 2019, so that we don't have to do without the Oldskull print style in fall and winter either. Here, too, we worked with a family business that naturally complies with all applicable standards and guidelines for fair production.

In 2020, we added basics, long sleeves and V-necks before finally adding caps and beanies to our range in 2021. Of course, we also focus entirely on quality for these products and are constantly striving to create new and exciting fashion for you. For this reason, we develop everything in-house.

Since 2024, we have been working with a family business in Pakistan that has decades of experience in producing for European brands. Of course, we are regularly on site to keep an eye on the quality and conditions there. It is a completely different culture to what we are used to in Europe. For many, it seems daunting to produce in such a country. However, we are aware of our responsibility and have specifically looked for an opportunity to make a difference to our producer's employees with our productions. Our local partner takes care of the needs of its employees and does an exceptional job. In future, we will provide you with transparent videos and stories so that you can be sure that you are receiving a garment that is truly fairly produced.

Where do you ship from and where the hell are you guys actually from?

These questions are quite easy and short to answer. We are located near Munich (Germany) and therefore ship everything from the heart of Europe. Your order will be with you within a few days. Within the EU you can rest assured that there will be no surprises at customs. Through our shipping partner DHL we ship climate neutral through the program GoGreen and strive to continue this process and keep our and thus your carbon footprint as small as possible. Of course, you have an extended right of return and can comfortably return or exchange goods via our returns portal if you are not satisfied or have other problems.

Convinced. Where can I sign?

You can easily order all parts via our Shop order. The one or the other bargain hunter will find something in our SALE or benefit from special offers like the Black Week or the usual seasonal sales.
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