For us, everything revolves around the details of the unique prints. We don't search for ready-made motifs via portals or hire external freelancers who then produce mass-produced goods for us. The process of a new design is of utmost importance to each individual in our team. From the choice of theme to the type of printing and the colors used, we regularly find exciting new ideas for you. We pay attention to your feedback, because not only our standards are very high. The partly hand-drawn t-shirt graphics of Oldskull® play due to many details and often unique design elements in another league.

Oldskull artwork

Our designer likes to compare his creations with the artbook of an artist and in our opinion this is what makes the diversity of our motifs. Whole thematic areas are covered with different motifs in the form of collections, or classic works of art from past eras are taken up and reinterpreted. This results in authentic T-shirt motifs, which are implemented in the unmistakable Oldskull style. We like to call our style NEW AGE VINTAGE:

  • stylish typographic elements,
  • quite a few cool skull motifs,
  • Racing, Tattoo and Motobike themes,
  • detailed graphics in photo quality in our Express Collection,
  • Japanese characters with a clear message. Don't worry, we can tell you about almost every character! We don't use meaningless strings of symbols that you should be ashamed of. オールドスカル you will encounter more often and means for example. Oldskull.
  • All this packaged in a contemporary vintage & retro look.

With us, different cultures merge and we meet the tastes of different preferences. There's one for everyone - collect them all!

April 28, 2022